15 July 2021

Ultimate Chore Charts Ideas

What is a Chore Chart?

A chore chart is a visual representation of the household tasks that need to be accomplished. It helps the whole family to know what needs to be done, who should do it, and when it should be done.

Some people prefer physical charts while others like digital ones. It all depends on your preferences and how you want to organize your chores for the week ahead.

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19 June 2021

Where To Put Phone When Running

When you are running, do you carry your phone with you? It is best to put your phone in a pocket or bag away from the road as it is a common distraction that can lead to an accident. Here are some places where might not be so obvious to put your smartphone, allowing it to still be easily accessible when needed.

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11 June 2021

What Does Running Do For Your Body

Running changes your body in some amazing ways. It boosts your endurance, helps regulate your weight, builds muscle, improves bone density and increases muscle mass. It also increases a variety of health issues like blood vessel elasticity, cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity. These are just a few of the effects running has on your body that will make you healthier in the long run.

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8 June 2021

20 Best Road Bikes Brands You Can’t Miss

In terms of bike companies, Cannondale has been around for over 40 years and Bianchi is a legend in the cycling world. Trek offers some affordable options that are durable despite their price points. Giant bikes are for riders with above-average height and Raleigh is a popular company on the UK market.

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3 June 2021

The Best Way To Take A Walk For Weight Loss

Just walking for weight loss? Sounds too simple.

Walking is simple and easy. But it can also be a challenge to get up your motivation to do the daily walk, let alone before you set out to walk the day’s 8,640 steps.

However, just like any other lifestyle changes, it takes time and effort to lose weight and permanently keep off those extra pounds.

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2 June 2021

Best Home Theater Candy Display

Home theater candy display is a fun and colorful way to keep the kids happy. A home theater is an activity room or space in a house which is designed for amusement with features like a sound system, audio-visual projection, and viewing equipment. With this display, you will be able to recreate an atmosphere more conducive to the movie experience with a big screen TV, candy, and DVDs.

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31 May 2021

Couch to 5K Program: A Guide for Beginners & Intermediates

This post will provide a comprehensive guide for beginners and intermediates who are exploring the Couch to 5K program.

Couch to 5K is an easy-to-follow running program that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and build endurance. It starts with three weeks of short jogs (typically 20-30 minutes) before progressing into running for a longer period at a time (5k run).

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