Best Home Theater Candy Display

Home theater candy display is a fun and colorful way to keep the kids happy. A home theater is an activity room or space in a house which is designed for amusement with features like a sound system, audio-visual projection, and viewing equipment. With this display, you will be able to recreate an atmosphere more conducive to the movie experience with a big screen TV, candy, and DVDs.

Metal Concession Stand

Metal Concession Stand

A home theater doesn’t have to be complete without candy! This case has a clear glass door with three shelves. The hardware can easily be installed into a pre-made or custom case.

This concession stand is made of metal and features lighting. It has a glass display so it can be mounted on the wall. It also has lights on each side.

Headliner Candy Case

Headliner Candy Case

This commercial-grade aluminum sign is a beautiful sight for any theater. This is a perfect retail display case for high-end products. The features of the display case are: locked glass shelving, perimeter lighting, accent lights, and an LED backlit header. A “CANDY” sign is included with the purchase. You can also order custom signs for an additional $50. The wall mount is easy to install.

Concession Stand with Candy Case

Concession Stand With Candy Case

Our Concession Stand with Candy Case is a commercial quality, USA-made counter and candy case. It’s a concession stand with a counter and candy case. A board made from particle and covered with a vinyl laminate. Candy Case’s aluminum exterior and its reliance on AC power make it a high-tech vending machine.

Royal On-Wall Candy Case

Royal On Wall Candy Case

The store has a fluorescent perimeter light, an LED-backlit header, and a locking door. The shelves are made of glass. The CANDY lettering on this piece is laser-cut. For an additional $220, we can make the lettering personal.

Wood Concession Stand

Wood Concession Stand

No home theater would be complete without a hardwood concession stand. The candy case has a clear glass locking door and three shelves to display the candy on.

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